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Trucks are a major part of our lives. Whether we drive them as part of our work, or because we like their size and the way they look on the road. There are many types of trucks out there, and you can find a model for almost anybody who is looking. Most famous car manufacturers are making their own trucks, and you will find a lot of different adaptions to the truck construction and design.

What are the more famous trucks that were made? Why did the become so famous and who made them? We will go over some of these monsters here, but before we check this F150 truck dealership in Bloomington, Minneapolis and look at all the models that they have on offer.

jeep-gladiatorThe Jeep Gladiator

Was a modern full-size truck, designed by Jeep to replace their previous versions of trucks. The model was so efficient and nicely designed that it stayed in production for over twenty-four years. The models use a six-cylinder engine, while V8 engines cars where made contumely on order by the client.

Chevy Blazer Chalet

This car was designed in the 1970is, and the model is rare. Something about the way it looks makes it look vintage and out of place in any century. But looks can be deceiving and this truck has been of great service to a lot of people over the years. The thing is it can be used for work and for camping because you have a sort of pop up trailer in the back.

Ford F-250 HighboyFord F-250 “Highboy”

This is a monster truck that looks and sounds dangerous and when you have it, it is here to serve you with all of its power. The truck was designed for heavy duty work, and it has performed just that. Well suited for all terrain it can pull out most smaller cars from a range of different situations.

Hummer H3 Alpha

After decades of not making small vehicles, Hummer finely gave a smaller model for city and outdoor use. They made a modern looking care, with a powerful V8 engine that can conquer any terrain.  The truck is better for passenger transport and you can imagine it fits well in a lot of safari type situations.

Jeep Wagoneer

This is another famous pick-up truck model from the Jeep company, and it was produced for over thirty years. Changing only in smaller aspects over its history of use. Also, one of the features that make this truck so attractive is the V8 engine under its hub. This truck set the path for future similar models.

Ford Super Duty

This truck is the ultimate in heavy-duty trucks, and it was made to satisfy a range of need as well as to be suited for extended trips and on the road action. Before this truck model car manufacturers used their low and medium duty trucks, with a couple of upgrades to make a truck that can do heavy duty jobs. This model was designed especially for these types of work, and that’s why the model became such a success.

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