Energy Xtreme: Transportation and Miami Limousine Parts

Energy Xtreme: Transportation and Miami Limousine Parts

Posted by on Jul 30, 2019 in Transportation |

If you are wondering how to make your wedding even more attractive and elegant, we have the right solution for you! Best Miami Limo Service has a whole fleet of the super luxurious cars that will make you look like a movie superstar once you arrive at the party in the Bentley or McLaren! Best Miami Limo Service also offers the service of your car if you need anything and provides the limousine spare parts as well. So why would you look for any other service when you have these guys who can provide everything you need for your limo?


The high-quality and original parts

In case you need an air filter for your Mercedes Maybach, do not worry! These guys offer any part of equipment and every single spare part of the car for a reasonable price. All the parts are imported overseas if it is about brands like Mercedes, VW or Toyota. Every part comes from the official and recognized sellers who work only with the certified auto industry suppliers who provide nothing but the high-quality parts for your car! You can perform an additional check-up of your parts by checking the serial number and see for yourself that they work only with authentic and original parts.

Timely delivery

Whatever part you need for any kind of the car, you can be sure that the delivery will be performed on the exact date you have asked for. Also, they never late for the delivery and always deliver within the specified time schedule. How do they manage this? Well, they do have a large warehouse where they stock the parts so they could have everything ready for the delivery. That is why it never happens that they do not have some part. It may happen though, but that is only when you want a part for older cars.

Professional service

You can even set your date and time for the part replacement if you do not have a shop where you change parts. The guys are professional meaning they will finish your car within a couple of hours at most, especially if the replacement is not that big. You can stay in the shop’s bar and enjoy free drinks and meals while they are working on your car! This is something that we do not see very often, especially when we consider that the price is not even qualified for “expensive”.

There is an option of performing an inspection of your car to details, so you could make sure that everything is cool with your car.  The guys will check every single part of your car, just give them your keys and enjoy! For every second visit that you pay for (when your car needs a fix or replacement of a part) you have a free check-up and inspection of your car. Have a coffee and a donut while guys perform an inspection on your car and replace any parts that should be replaced!